Thursday, April 01, 2010

Karen Gillan on GMTV/CBBC Tomorrow Morning

Doctor Who Actress Karen Gillan will be appearing on GMTV tomorrow morning to promote the upcoming series of Doctor Who which returns this Saturday with The Eleventh Hour at 6:20pm on BBC One and BBC HD. Karen will also be making a n appearance on the BBC’s Children channel CBBC later during the morning as they continue their countdown for Doctor Who’s upcoming return with The Eleventh Hour.

The BBC or GMTV haven’t confirmed when Karen will be appearing on GMTV or CBBC tomorrow morning but GMTV is scheduled for broadcast from 7am to 9:25am with the CBBC segment from 9am to 12pm. The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine has confirmed that Karen Gillan will be returning as Amy Pond for the Eleventh Doctor’s second series next year.

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