Thursday, April 01, 2010

Official Synopsis for Victory of the Daleks

The BBC Press Office have today released the press release for the upcoming Doctor Who story Victory of the Daleks, written by Mark Gatiss, which will be broadcast on Saturday the Seventeenth of April. Victory of the Daleks features the return of the Daleks for the first time in almost two years for their first encounter with the Eleventh Doctor in the middle of World War Two with Winston Churchill involved.

According to the BBC Press Office Victory of the Daleks will have a total running time of 65 minutes with broadcast starting at 6:20pm and finishing at 7:25pm on both BBC One and BBC HD. Next Thursday will see the official press release for The Time of Angels, by Steven Moffat, in which the Doctor encounters River Song and the Weeping Angels once more.

The Doctor has been summoned by an old friend, but in the Cabinet War Rooms far below the streets of blitz-torn London, it's his oldest enemy he finds waiting for him, as the time-travelling adventures continue. The Daleks are back – but can Winston Churchill be in league with them?

The Doctor is played by Matt Smith and Amy Pond by Karen Gillan.

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