Friday, April 02, 2010

Fourth Doctor and Electronic Tardis Exclusive

Forbidden Planet have confirmed that they’ll be releasing another exclusive action figure of the Fourth Doctor complete with an electronic version of the Tardis, based on the 1975 story Planet of Evil, in another deal with Character Options. Forbidden Planet will also be releasing an exclusive Seventh Doctor action figure, which comes with an electronic version of his Tardis, on Monday the Tenth of May.

Also being released from Forbidden Planet later this Spring will be an exclusive First Doctor action figure, based on his appearance in the very first story An Unearthly Child, which is due for release in May. The Fourth Doctor and electronic Tardis are expected in Forbidden Planet stores next month at the price of £34.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland.


Matt said...

What's the font on your Doctor Who Hideout watermark?

Doctor Who Hideout said...

Savings Bond.