Saturday, April 03, 2010

Series Five of Doctor Who Begins, Tonight!

Tonight is the night all Doctor Who fans have been waiting for. Doctor Who fans have been waiting now since January 2009 to see Matt Smith, the actor who’s taken on the role as the Eleventh Doctor, in action as the Doctor and now that night has arrived. First seen on our screens at the beginning of 2010, the Eleventh Doctor burst onto our screens after the Tenth Doctor went under a dramatic regeneration. Tonight’s story, The Eleventh Hour by Steven Moffat, picks up from where we last the Eleventh Doctor and introduces the viewers to the Doctor’s new companion; Amy Pond as portrayed by Karen Gillan as they face Prisoner Zero.

The Eleventh Hour will be broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD tonight at 18:20pm followed by Doctor Who Confidential at 19:25pm over on BBC Three with the BBC HD broadcast of Confidential on Sunday. Next Saturday will see the broadcast of The Beast Below by Steven Moffat at 18:15pm on BBC One and BBC HD.


Carnivac said...

I still prefer calling it 31 than 5. I just like sense of history reminded by the higher number and the fact it's all the same continuity. Either way I'm looking forward to it muchly.

Brad said...

I'm so glad the day has finally come - Doctor Who is here again for thirteen episodes! I'm so excited, it's all new, it's gonna be different, but I have trust in Matt and Amy, and Steven.

Doctor Who Hideout said...

Hello Carnivac. I prefer calling it Doctor Who’s first series (especially considering it’s the same show and I don’t believe in any of this “NuWho” and “ClassicWho” business) but at the same time I feel its easy to use “Series Five” (even though like Steven said in an issue of Doctor Who Magazine once that “Series Five” only works if you think Matt was the 3rd Doctor).

Still I’m looking forward to tonight greatly and if Steven Moffat’s previous stories are anything to go by, tonight’s episode will surely be a classic.


Hello Brad. I agree with you, after having no Doctor Who episodes on one week then again the following (not including The End of Time) its good to know that the next thirteen or so weeks are going to be brilliant.