Saturday, January 02, 2010

The End of Time Part Two Overnight Ratings

The Broadcasters Audience Research Board have revealed that broadcast of the final part of The End of Time managed to achieve an overnight figure of 10.4 million on BBC One yesterday. The final part of The End of Time saw the Tenth Doctor’s era come to an end after it began back on Christmas Day in 2005 and also saw the departure of Russell T Davies from Doctor Who after having worked on it since its revival.

The episode managed to achieve a 35.5% share of the television audience and was the second most watched programme of New Years Day beaten only by Eastenders which was broadcast after Doctor Who. An additional 389,000 of the audience tuned in for the conclusion of the Tenth Doctor’s final adventure over on the BBC’s High Definition channel.

After the second part of The End of Time finished on BBC One, 1.1 million tuned in for Doctor Who Confidential over on BBC Three with an additional 76,000 watching over on BBC HD. Official ratings for both parts of The End of Time and Doctor Who Confidential will be revealed by the Broadcasters Audience Research Board online sometime within the next few weeks.

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