Friday, January 01, 2010

First Doctor Who Series Five Preview Trailer

Following tonight’s transmission of the second part to The End of Time, the BBC released an exclusive preview trailer online for the upcoming series of Doctor Who which features Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor alongside Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. Doctor Who will return for its fifth series, with Steven Moffat as new head writer, sometime this Spring on both BBC One and BBC HD presumably for thirteen new episodes.

Matt was first announced as the Eleventh Doctor back on Doctor Who Confidential in January 2009 after David Tennant revealed in October 2008 that he would be leaving Doctor Who after more than four years. When Matt was announced he was the youngest actor to have played the Doctor, leading to the majority of the media criticizing his casting.

The Eleventh Doctor will make his official television debut in Spring 2010, currently rumoured to be late March or early April, on BBC One and BBC HD with merchandise featuring the Eleventh Doctor cropping up about the same time. Doctor Who Hideout will keep readers updated regarding Doctor Who’s upcoming fifth series which features Matt Smith and Karen Gillan.

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