Thursday, April 08, 2010

Victory of the Daleks Broadcast Time

The BBC have recently confirmed the official transmission time for the third episode of the new series, Victory of the Daleks written by Mark Gatiss, which will be broadcast on Saturday the Seventeenth of April. Doctor Who’s new series continues with The Beast Below, written by Steven Moffat, this Saturday at 18:15pm, on BBC One and BBC HD, in which the Eleventh Doctor takes Amy to the far future.

Victory of the Daleks will be broadcast on BBC One at 18:30pm and on BBC HD at the later time of 20:25pm with Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three at 19:15pm and on BBC HD at 21:10pm. Following Victory of the Daleks, Doctor Who’s new series continues the following Saturday with the first episode of a two parter; The Time of Angels by Steven Moffat.

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