Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Eleventh Hour Press Screening Coverage Update (Spoilers)

Following the Press Screening of The Eleventh Hour on Thursday in Cardiff, Doctor Who has featured more heavily in the British media including many reviews of Matt Smith’s Doctor Who debut story. The BBC Press Office have also issued an exclusive Press Pack which lists the writers, directors, some of the guest stars for the new series plus includes exclusive interviews with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat.

Press reviews for The Eleventh Hour can be found at Sky TV, The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian with more links to Press Coverage here, here and here at Doctor Who in the Media. Also its been revealed in the past few days that Doctor Who will return for another series in 2011 but will return before then at the end of this year for a Christmas Special.

Doctor Who will return for its fifth series in the United Kingdom and Ireland with The Eleventh Hour, written by Steven Moffat, on Saturday the Third of April on BBC One plus BBC HD. Other confirmed story titles for series five include; The Beast Below, Victory of the Daleks, The Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone and Vampires in Venice with more expected to be confirmed soon.

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