Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Doctor Who Successful at the National Television Awards

Doctor Who was once again successful at the National Television Awards, broadcast live on ITV earlier this evening, by receiving the award for Best Drama for the fifth year running. David Tennant also managed to receive the award for Best Drama Performance for his portrayal of the Tenth Doctor which began back in 2005 with The Christmas Invasion and ended at the start of this month with The End of Time.

Since Doctor Who was brought back to our screens in 2005, after sixteen years off air, it has been successful in the Drama category every National Television Awards. Since David Tennant began his portrayal of the Doctor officially in 2006 he’s been successful in every National Television Awards since, even announcing his departure in the 2008 Awards.

Earlier in this National Television Awards, David Tennant was also present to award British television legend Stephen Fry the award for Star Travel Documentary. Later on in this National Television Awards, Stephen Fry was announced as this years winner of Outstanding Contribution Award for his British television work. BBC News have a full round up here on their website.

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