Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doctor Who Returns Tonight with The Waters of Mars!

Today will see the official premiere of the Doctor Who Autumn Special, The Waters of Mars by Phil Ford and Russell T Davies, as Doctor Who returns for one night only at 7pm on BBC One and BBC HD around the United Kingdom and Ireland. After The Waters of Mars is broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD Doctor Who Confidential returns, with Is There Life on Mars, at 8pm on BBC Three and on BBC HD.

David Tennant is joined in The Waters of Mars by Lindsay Duncan as one-off companion Adelaide, leader of Bowie Base One on Mars, for the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate story. After The Waters of Mars, the Tenth Doctor returns for his final two episodes, both written by Russell T Davies, sometime around the Christmas period on BBC One and BBC HD.

Here is tonight’s schedule.

The Waters of Mars - 7pm - BBC One and BBC HD.
Is There Life on Mars? - 8pm - BBC Three and BBC HD.

The Tenth Doctor recently returned to the Doctor Who universe for The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, written by Gareth Roberts, broadcast in October on BBC One. The Waters of Mars will be dedicated to the late Barry Letts, the producer of Doctor Who throughout the Jon Pertwee era of the early 1970s, who passed away early October.


Brad said...

It seems like we have had to wait forever for the waters of mars and now it's finally here. I can't wait! Oooh, only a few hours now. Awesome post and awesome site. Can't wait.

Mark said...

I can't wait for The Waters of Mars tonight, it's going to be awesome. Great post and fantastic updates, keep up the good work. :)