Saturday, October 03, 2009

Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse Graphic Novel Cover

Doctor Who Magazine editor Tom Spilsbury has recently revealed the official cover for an upcoming Doctor Who Graphic Novel, Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse, collecting nine comics from Doctor Who Magazine. Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse features nine Doctor Who Magazine comics featuring the Tenth Doctor with companion Martha Jones encountering the Skith and companion Donna Noble encountering Sycorax.

Stories collected in this Doctor Who Graphic Novel feature the stories; The Woman Who Sold the World, Bus Stop, The First, Sun Screen, Death to the Doctor, Universal Monsters, The Widow's Curse, The Immortal Emperor and The Time of My Life. The Widow’s Curse saw the return of the Sycorax after they first appeared in The Christmas Invasion (2005).

Below is the official synopsis for Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse.

In this second volume of comic strips collecting the Tenth Doctor's complete adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine and the Doctor Who Storybook, the famous Time Lord meet some gigantic monsters with Martha Jones, fights Zombies and Sycorax with Donna Noble and battles sinister Skith in the freezing wastes of the Antarctic! Original colour strips digitally mastered and collected in graphic novel form for the first time ever.

Panini Magazines will release Doctor Who: The Widow’s Curse on the Eight of October for the price of £15.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Panini Magazines will release the next issue of Doctor Who Magazine, issue Four Hundred and Fourteen, on the Fifteenth of October for the price of £3.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Brad said...

Oooh the cover is cool, I may ask for this for Christmas.