Saturday, August 01, 2009

Exclusive Sixth Doctor Regenerated Figure Revealed

Both Underground Toys and Forbidden Planet have recently confirmed that another exclusive Sixth Doctor, portrayed by Colin Baker, figure will be released this month which has been exclusively created by Character Options. The Sixth Doctor first made an appearance in Doctor Who during the story The Twin Dilemma before regenerating into the Seventh Doctor, portrayed by Sylvester McCoy, at the beginning of Time and the Rani.

This Sixth Doctor exclusive figure from Character Options is of when he appears during the conclusion of The Caves of Androzani after regenerating in the costume that belonged to the Fifth Doctor. The Caves of Androzani, written by Robert Holmes, consists of four episodes, which was broadcast during Spring 1984, featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor alongside Nicola Bryant as Peri.

This Sixth Doctor figure will be made available through Underground Toys in the United States while they will be made available through Forbidden Planet in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Doctor Who Hideout will keep readers informed regarding this exclusive Sixth Doctor figure from Character Options.

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