Friday, July 31, 2009

Broadcast Length of Tenth Doctor’s Finale (Spoilers)

Current Doctor Who executive producer Russell T Davies, famous for spearheading Doctor Who’s revival, has recently confirmed that final Doctor Who episode featuring David Tennant’s Doctor will be seventy five minutes long. The Tenth Doctor’s final story, currently rumoured to be going under the title of The End of Time, will feature David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor for his final mainstream appearance.

The BBC confirmed the other day that John Simm will be returning for this finale as the Sixth onscreen incarnation of the Doctor’s nemesis, the Master, after previously appearing in Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. The BBC also confirmed that the Master’s onscreen wife Lucy Saxon, portrayed by Alexandra Moen, will also be returning for this Doctor Who finale.

Russell T Davies stated:

"Actually, our very last episode, coming at Christmas, David's very last episode, is one hour and 15 minutes long."

Timothy Dalton has also been confirmed by the BBC as appearing in this Doctor Who finale after speculation from various British tabloids over the past few months regarding his appearance in Doctor Who. Both Catherine Tate and Bernard Cribbins have also been confirmed by the BBC, plus the preview trailer at the San Diego Comic Con, to return this finale as their roles as Donna Noble and Wilfred Mott.

Another title, Nightmare Reigns, is also currently being rumoured as the title of the first part of the Tenth Doctor’s two part finale despite various sources using The End of Time title. This upcoming Doctor Who finale will be the final Doctor Who episodes that feature contributions from regulars David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner all of which first began working in 2005 for the programme.

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