Friday, July 24, 2009

The Twin Dilemma DVD Cover Revealed

British Doctor Who DVD manufacturers 2lentertain, in conjunction with BBC DVD, have recently revealed the cover for the upcoming DVD release of the Sixth Doctor’s debut story The Twin Dilemma. The Twin Dilemma, written by Anthony Steven, consists of four episodes which was broadcast during Spring 1984 featuring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor alongside Nicola Bryant as companion Peri.

DVD extras for this release of The Twin Dilemma include: Commentary, The Star Man, Look 100 Years Younger, Stripped for Action, Breakfast Time, Blue Peter, Continuity, Photo Gallery, Coming Soon, Programme Subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes. The Twin Dilemma commentary features Colin Baker and Kevin McNally plus Nicola Bryant.

The Twin Dilemma will be the final Doctor Who DVD to be released from 2lentertain to feature the Sixth Doctor who was portrayed by Colin Baker. One of earlier adventures though, Vengeance on Varos, is currently rumoured for release by the end of the Classic series Doctor Who DVD run which is rumoured to end in 2012.

The Twin Dilemma will be released by 2lentertain, with BBC DVD, on the Seventh of September for the price of £19.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Doctor Who DVD to be released will be the Black Guardian Trilogy which features the Fifth Doctor. Thanks to Doctor Who Online for the cover below.

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