Monday, July 20, 2009

Doctor Who Series Five Filming News (Spoilers)

Doctor Who Hideout are officially warning all readers that the following news post contains spoilers for the upcoming Doctor Who Fifth Series featuring Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor alongside Karen Gillan as Amy Pond. The Doctor Who Production team officially began filming for Doctor Who’s Fifth Series today at Dunraven Bay in South Wales with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan alongside a familiar face…

Highly acclaimed British actress Alex Kingston, who previously appeared as Professor River Song in Silence in the Library plus Forest of the Dead, was seen at Dunraven Bay alongside both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Professor River Song appeared in the Library episodes, written by Steven Moffat, alongside the Tenth Doctor claiming that she knew the Doctor from the future.

The Doctor Who filming that took place as Dunraven Beach also confirmed that the Tardis has been redesigned for Doctor Who’s Fifth Series making it similar to Police Public Telephone Boxes that appeared during the 1960’s in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Tardis prop seen on location bears resemblance to the Tardis when it first appeared in Doctor Who during the First Doctor, portrayed by the later William Hartnell, story An Unearthly Child which was the first episode of Doctor Who ever.

Doctor Who Hideout will keep readers informed regarding filming, taking place in South Wales, that takes place for Doctor Who’s Fifth Series over the coming months. Doctor Who Hideout would also like to thank Scooty plus the other set reporters from Gallifrey Base who provide exclusive pictures and information from Doctor Who filming locations during there spare time.

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