Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Keys of Marinus Coming to DVD this September

The British based Doctor Who DVD manufacturers, 2lentertain, have recently confirmed that the William Hartnell episode The Key of Marinus, from the first series, will be officially released around the United Kingdom and Ireland this September. The Keys of Marinus, written by Dalek creator Terry Nation as a six part adventure, was broadcast during Spring 1964 around the United Kingdom and Ireland on BBC One.

Daniel Hall of 2lentertain confirmed earlier this year, to Doctor Who Online, that the First Doctor adventure will be released on DVD during 2009 around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Keys of Marinus featured the First Doctor, portrayed by William Hartnell, alongside his Granddaughter Susan, portrayed by Carole Ann Ford, School teachers Barbara Wright, portrayed by Jacqueline Hill, and Ian Chesterton, portrayed by William Russell respectively, encounter the Voord.

2lentertain currently have The Keys of Marinus scheduled for release around the United Kingdom and Ireland on the Twenty First of September. Doctor Who Hideout will keep you informed regarding the DVD release of The Keys of Marinus.

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