Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Doctor Who Files Collectors Box Set

BBC Books have recently revealed that a collectors edition box set of The Doctor Who Files series will be released around the United Kingdom and Ireland this October. The series began in 2006 when Penguin Books collaborated with BBC Children Books to release the first book of the series, featuring the Tenth Doctor, and have since published thirteen other titles for The Doctor Who Files series which detail various characters.

All of the titles in this series each have a hexagonal cut out in the cover through which the featured character could be viewed through to the first page. Each title in the series was illustrated with photographs and broken down into small sections of text under various heading with every other page, having a gate-fold Test your Knowledge section comprising of five multiple choice questions based on the preceding prose.

Characters that have been included within the series are: The Doctor, Rose, the Slitheen, the Sycorax, Mickey, K-9, the Daleks, the Cybermen, Martha, Jack, the Cult of Skaro, the Tardis, the Ood and the Sontarans. This collectors edition of The Doctor Who Files will contain over four hundred pages which will provide hours of reading.

BBC Books will release The Doctor Who Files Collectors edition box set on the First of October for the price of £30.00 around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Doctor Who Hideout will keep you informed regarding this BBC Books release.

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