Thursday, February 11, 2010

Neve McIntosh Confirmed to Appear in Series Five (Spoilers)

Actress Neve McIntosh has recently confirmed, in an exclusive interview with the Perthshire Advertise, that she’ll be appearing as an old enemy of the Doctor’s in the upcoming series featuring Matt Smith as the Doctor. Doctor Who will return, with its fifth series, at some point during the Spring with The Eleventh Hour, written by Steven Moffat, which features Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan as Amy Pond.

Neve McIntosh confirms in the interview that she’ll be portraying a female member of the Silurian species which first appeared in The Silurians and then later on in Warriors of the Deep. Neve McIntosh will appear in the second two parter of Doctor Who’s fifth series, rumoured to form episodes eight and nine, which has been written by Christopher Chibnall.

The Eleventh Doctor makes his official debut sometime during the Spring, rumoured to either be late March or early April, in The Eleventh Hour which will be broadcast on BBC One and simultaneously on BBC HD. Doctor Who Hideout will keep readers informed regarding this series, featuring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, as information is revealed before the series transmits.

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