Friday, February 05, 2010

Doctor Who Bonhams Knightsbridge Auction Details

Bonhams Knightsbridge, the private owned auction house, has recently announced that various Doctor Who props and costumes, from over Doctor Who’s forty six year history, will be exclusively auctioned later this month. The highlight of this auction is expected to be Astrid Peth’s waitress costume from the 2007 Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned which is expected to fetch up to £3,000 at the sale.

The Tenth Doctor’s tuxedo suit, the one David Tennant wore in Voyage of the Damned, is also up for auction and is also expected to fetch up to £3,000 at the sale. Other highlights at this action include a destroyed Cyberman costume from The Five Doctors, a Sea Devil from Warriors of the Deep and two imperial Daleks from Remembrance of the Daleks.

Bonhams Knightsbridge have recently uploaded an exclusive article here regarding what props and costumes from Doctor Who will be up for sale at this auction. Viewings for interested bidders will take place at selected times between the Twenty First and Twenty Fourth of February with the auction itself commencing at two o’clock in the afternoon on the Twenty Fourth.

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