Friday, January 08, 2010

Latest Doctor Who Merchandise from Character Options

Toys manufacturer Character Options have recently revealed that January will see the release of further Doctor Who related merchandise including four action figures based on characters that appeared in The End of Time. January will also see the release of the following action figures; Morbius, Cyberman, an Ice Warrior, The Master, a Mummy plus a Voc Robot from Character Options around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

First up is an exclusive ‘Build a Figure’ Time Squad wave featuring six figures from the original release with parts to assemble an exclusive Time Squad version of The Master from The End of Time. The Journal of Impossible Things from Human Nature is being re-released by Character Options with an exclusive replica of The Master’s ring from series three.

The ‘Build a Figure’ Time Squad wave, for cost of £1.99, and The Journal of Impossible Things, for cost of £9.99, are expected for release later this month individually around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The second wave of the Classic Doctor Who action figures are expected to be released on Friday the Fifteenth of January for the cost of £8.99 individually.

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