Friday, December 18, 2009

Second Wave of Classic Doctor Who Action Figures

Character Options have recently unveiled images for the upcoming wave of Classic Doctor Who action figures, the second wave of action figures, which will be released around the United Kingdom and Ireland on the Fifteenth of January. The second wave of Classic Doctor Who action figures features many of the Doctor’s memorable foes from his countless travels during the programmes original twenty six year run.

This wave of action figures from Character Options include Morbius from The Brain of Morbius, Cyberman from Earthshock, an Ice Warrior, the Master from The Deadly Assassin, a Mummy from The Pyramids of Mars and a Voc Robot from The Robots of Death. The Cyberman, the Master and the Mummy action figure all come with an exclusive accessory.

Wave One included the Fourth Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, the Sixth Doctor, D84 & SV7 from The Robots of Death, Zygon from Terror of the Zygons, Sea Devil from The Sea Devils and Magnus Greel & Mr Sin from The Talons of Weng-Chiang. Wave Two of the Classic Doctor Who action figures will be released on the Fifteenth of January around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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