Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas from Doctor Who Hideout

Doctor Who Hideout would like to wish every reader a Merry Christmas and hope you enjoy watching The End of Time, Part One tonight on BBC One, followed by Doctor Who Confidential on BBC Three, which features David Tennant in his penultimate episode. The End of Time, Part One has been written by Russell T Davies who will also be leaving Doctor Who, to be replaced by Steven Moffat, after resurrecting Doctor Who after sixteen years for the Twenty First century. The End of Time, Part Two will be broadcast on BBC One next Friday, New Year’s Day, which will be the final episode to feature David Tennant and officially the first episode to feature Matt Smith.

Doctor Who Hideout hopes that everyone of our readers has had an excellent year, even though Doctor Who has had a break off the TV this year. As well as The End of Time, Part One, the BBC have made the Twenty Fifth day of the Advent(ure) Calendar accessible with another exclusive Doctor Who themed treat. However, the BBC aren’t the only ones bringing you exclusive treats from the Tenth Doctor’s final story, Doctor Who Hideout has produced, for our readers, exclusive The End of Time icons, wallpapers and bookmarks with more exclusive goodies coming from Doctor Who Hideout next Friday to officially send off David Tennant’s five year era with a bang!

We hope you’ve had an excellent Christmas, especially if you got some Doctor Who presents, and hope you will enjoy The End of Time as much as we will. The End of Time, Part One will be broadcast on BBC America tomorrow with The End of Time, Part Two on the Second of January.

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