Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Waters of Mars Australian Broadcast Date

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation have recently confirmed that the upcoming Doctor Who Special, The Waters of Mars written by Phil Ford with Russell T Davies, will be broadcast in Australia on ABC1 in December. Phil Ford is now the second writer, with Russell T Davies being the first, to have contributed to Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures over the past couple of years.

David Tennant is joined in The Waters of Mars by Lindsay Duncan as one-off companion Adelaide, leader of Bowie Base One on Mars, for the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate story. After The Waters of Mars, the Tenth Doctor returns for his final two episodes, both written by Russell T Davies, sometime around the Christmas period on BBC One and BBC HD.

The Tenth Doctor recently returned to the Doctor Who universe for The Sarah Jane Adventures story The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, written by Gareth Roberts, during this week on BBC One. The Waters of Mars will be dedicated to the late Barry Letts, the producer of Doctor Who throughout the Jon Pertwee era of the early 1970s, who passed away early October.

The Waters of Mars will be broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on the Sixth of December, thirteen days before BBC America will be broadcasting The Waters of Mars in America. The Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood: Children of Earth will also be making its debut on the ABC2 on January the Third after receiving its first broadcast in Australia on UKTV earlier this year.

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