Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doctor Who - The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter Cover

BBC Books have revealed the official cover for Doctor Who - The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter, a book collecting emails between Russell T Davies and Benjamin Cook detailing the Doctor Who Specials, which will be released in January. Doctor Who: The Writer’s Tale, the original released by BBC Books in September 2008, detailed every decision that was made by Russell T Davies during the production of series four.

Russell T Davies, famous for spearheading the revival of Doctor Who in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, will be leaving Doctor Who at Christmas with The End of Time which sees the departure of David Tennant as well. Russell was awarded an OBE from the Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland last Christmas for his services to drama.

Doctor Who - The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter.

For this revised and updated edition of The Writer's Tale, Head Writer and Executive Producer Russell T Davies and journalist Benjamin Cook continue their in-depth discussion of the creative life of Doctor Who to cover the last of Russell's specials, as well as the increasingly successful Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures spin-offs. Candid and witty insights continue throughout a second year’s worth of correspondence, covering David Tennant's final episodes as the Doctor, Russell's own departure from the show, and the legacy that both leave behind as a new era of Doctor Who begins.

With over 300 pages of new material, and taking in events from the entire five years since the show’s return in 2005, The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter is the most comprehensive - and personal - account of Doctor Who ever published.

Doctor Who returns with the Tenth Doctor this Christmas, in The End of Time written by Russell T Davies, bringing the end of David Tennant’s reign as the Doctor which began with The Christmas Invasion. Doctor Who - The Writer’s Tale: The Final Chapter will be released by Random House on the Twenty First of January costing £16.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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