Friday, October 30, 2009

The Waters of Mars Broadcast Date Announced

Actor David Tennant has confirmed live on GMTV that the upcoming Doctor Who Special, The Waters of Mars by Phil Ford and Russell T Davies, will be broadcast on the Fifteenth of November on BBC One at an unknown time. Phil Ford is now the second writer, the first being Russell T Davies, to have contributed an episode for Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures over the past couple of years.

David Tennant is joined in The Waters of Mars by Lindsay Duncan as one-off companion Adelaide, leader of Bowie Base One on Mars, for the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate story. After The Waters of Mars, the Tenth Doctor returns for his final two episodes, both written by Russell T Davies, sometime around the Christmas period on BBC One and BBC HD.

Despite David Tennant saying that The Waters of Mars will be broadcast on the Fifteenth of November, the BBC haven’t confirmed yet whether or not if The Waters of Mars will be shown that weekend. Digital Spy have recently published eight exclusive images from the upcoming Doctor Who Special which is currently been broadcast to the press in London.


Bigwhofan said...

If this is true, then why hasn't there been a synopsis press release?

Doctor Who Hideout said...

I honestly have no idea. Its most likely because nothing has been finalised.