Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Doctor Who 2009 Specials DVD Rumours

The Tenth Doctor’s final adventures, The Waters of Mars and the Christmas Specials, will be released in DVD box set on Monday the Eleventh of January by 2lEntertain according to various online retail sites. The Waters of Mars, has been written by Phil Ford and Russell T Davies, featuring the Tenth Doctor alongside one-off companion Adelaide will receive its debut broadcast on BBC One and BBC HD this November.

The Tenth Doctor’s final story, The End of Time by Russell T Davies, will be broadcast on Christmas Day with the second part rumoured to be broadcast on New Years Day. The first part of the Tenth Doctor’s final story will have an approximate running time of sixty minutes while the second part will have an approximate running time of seventy five minutes.

Various online retail sites are also indicating that the five final adventures of the Tenth Doctor, The Next Doctor to The End of Time, will be released as a box set, and on Blu-Ray, on Monday the Eleventh of January. 2lEntertain haven’t confirmed whether or not if the Tenth Doctor’s final adventures will be released in January but Doctor Who Hideout will keep readers updated.

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