Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Keys of Marinus Official DVD Cover

British Doctor Who DVD manufacturers 2lentertain, in conjunction with BBC DVD, have recently revealed the official cover for the upcoming DVD release of the First Doctor story The Keys of Marinus. The Keys of Marinus, written by Terry Nation, consists of six episodes which was broadcast during Spring 1964 as part of series one featuring William Hartnell as the First Doctor alongside companions Susan, Barbara and Ian.

Extras for the release of The Keys of Marinus include: Commentary, The Sets of Marinus, Photo Gallery, Coming Soon - The Dalek War, Programme Subtitles and Subtitle Production Notes. The Keys of Marinus commentary features actors William Russell, Carole Ann Ford, director John Gorrie and designer Raymond Cusick with moderation by Clayton Hickman.

The Keys of Marinus will be officially released by 2lentertain, in conjunction with BBC DVD, for the price of £19.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland. The next Doctor Who DVD to be officially released will be the Sixth Doctor’s debut story The Twin Dilemma around the United Kingdom and Ireland for the price of £19.99 on the Seventh of September.

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