Monday, August 03, 2009

Doctor Who Titled Most Successful Sci-fi Series

Doctor Who has recently received another award, the title of Most Successful Sci-fi Series, by Guinness World Records following the first award the programme received in 2006 from Guinness World Records. Current Doctor Who executive producer Russell T Davies accepted the award at the San Diego Comic Convention from Craig Glenday, editor of the Guinness World Records, in memory of the late Verity Lambert.

Doctor Who received the title of Most Successful Sci-fi Series due to the popularity of the programme’s broadcast ratings, DVD sales, downloads and sales of Doctor Who themed merchandise around the world. Doctor Who first received an award from Guinness World Records back in 2006 for being the longest Sci-fi television programme with its first broadcast in 1963 on the Twenty Third of November.

Doctor Who Hideout would like to congratulate everyone that’s been involved with Doctor Who, especially Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman for creating the programme, which began on BBC One in November 1963 with An Unearthly Child. Doctor Who returns this Winter with the Tenth Doctor’s penultimate adventure, The Waters of Mars, joined by Lindsay Duncan as Adelaide.

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