Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Sarah Jane Adventures Quiz Book

BBC Books have recently revealed that Penguin Character Books Ltd will be releasing an exclusive Sarah Jane Adventures themed quiz book, similar to the Doctor Who themed quiz books released, later this year. The Sarah Jane Adventures production team are currently filming the third series, which will see the return of the Judoon and an appearance from David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor, of the Doctor Who spin-off in Cardiff.

The character of Sarah Jane Smith originally appeared in Doctor Who during the Third Doctor episode The Time Warrior, in which the Third Doctor encountered the Sontarans, before leaving Doctor Who in the Fourth Doctor episode The Hand of Fear. Elisabeth Sladen will be releasing an autobiography next year detailing her time on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures and various other aspects of her life.

Below is the official synopsis for The Sarah Jane Adventures quiz book:

To join Sarah Jane and her friends in investigating alien goings-on, you'll need first-rate observation and investigation skills! Test what you've learnt from all three series of "The Sarah Jane Adventures" with these fantastic quizzes!

This first edition of The Sarah Jane Adventures quiz book, containing one hundred and four pages, will be released for the price of £4.99 on the Eleventh of November around the United Kingdom and Ireland. Doctor Who Hideout will keep you updated regarding the release of this Sarah Jane Adventures quiz book.

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Eliott said...

Absoutly Brilliant news.
Im a massive fan of sja myself and havin a quiz book to collect it really will test my knowledge