Saturday, June 06, 2009

The Doctor's Monsters: The Meanings of the Monstrous

The British based company I.B. Tauris have recently unveiled that an upcoming Doctor Who reference guide, titled The Doctor's Monsters: The Meanings of the Monstrous, will be published around the United Kingdom and Ireland later next year. The Doctor first encountered an alien species during his First incarnation, portrayed by the William Hartnell, when he first encountered the Daleks on Skaro.

Since the First Doctor encountered the Daleks on the planet Skaro, with his companions, he’s encountered iconic aliens such as the Cybermen, the Sontarans and Davros, the creator of Daleks. I.B. Tauris will also be releasing Triumph of a Time Lord: Regenerating Doctor Who in the Twenty-first Century this November.

The Doctor's Monsters: The Meanings of the Monstrous in Doctor Who has been written by Graham Sleight. I.B. Tauris will publish The Doctor's Monsters: The Meanings of the Monstrous in Doctor Who on the Thirtieth of August next year for the price of £9.99 around the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Doctor Who will return this Winter with The Waters of Mars, written by Phillip Ford with Russell T Davies, starring David Tennant as the Doctor before his final appearance this Christmas. English actor Matthew Smith will begin filming for Doctor Who series five, alongside Scottish actress Karen Gillan, this Summer.


Graham Sleight said...

Thanks for the advance mention of my book. One tiny correction: it hasn't been written yet - I still have to finish it! But I'd be very happy to talk with you more about it nearer to publication.

Doctor Who Hideout said...

Hello Graham :D. Welcome to Doctor Who Hideout, thank you for the comment. Good luck in completing the book - its sounds excellent! I personally cant wait to get it.

Graham Sleight said...

Thanks. Can you let me have an email address so I can keep you posted directly rather than clogging up your comment section?

Doctor Who Hideout said...

Sure Graham. You can contact me personally at or .